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Help on candidate search


Versatile Search Field

Our platform features a dynamic search field, designed to enhance your recruitment process by allowing for comprehensive filtering across all skill sets. This powerful tool goes beyond the limitations of primary domains, enabling you to explore a candidate's full range of abilities, including those skills that may not be their main focus but are still part of their professional repertoire.

Tailored Talent Discovery

Whether you're looking for niche skills or a diverse skill set that spans multiple domains, the search field is your gateway to uncovering the exact talent you need. It's designed to recognize and include a wide array of skills and technologies, ensuring that no potential candidate is overlooked, regardless of how specialized or broad their skill set may be.

Enhanced Recruitment Precision

This advanced search functionality empowers you to tailor your talent search with precision, ensuring that you can identify and connect with candidates who possess both the primary expertise you require and any additional skills that could benefit your projects. It's an invaluable tool for building a versatile and adaptable team, capable of tackling a wide range of challenges.



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